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Best Cool T-Shirts With Dog Sayings

Best Cool T-Shirts With Dog Sayings

Best Cool T-Shirts With Dog Sayings!  These are cool t-shirts for dog lovers.

So, whether you are looking for a Tee for a friend that is a dog lover or one for yourself, you are sure to find a t-shirt that you will love!


There’s No Such Thing As Just A Dog – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel

Anyone who’s ever had a dog knows they’ve all got their own style and their own personality. They come in every shape and size and no two are alike in any way.  If you love dogs, you know just what we mean. Now you can feel free to show off your love for dogs with this simple and classic t-shirt! It’s a great gift for yourself or any dog lover.


Share the Love. Save a Shelter Dog. – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel

If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, we’ve got just the spot for you. Head to your local shelter and find a companion who will give you all the warm, faithful love your heart can handle. When you invite a shelter pet home you bring home more than just a companion. You bring lifelong joy to both of you. Shelter dogs wait every day to share the love in their hearts with a human, and to finally be brought home. Will you be the one to open the cage door? It’s a move you will never regret.


The More People I Meet The More I Love My Dog – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel

Why can’t people be more like dogs? Dogs are great friends, completely hilarious, and fiercely loyal. They’re always ready for a good time and excited to see you. They’re appropriate for any occasion and will never embarrass you, bore you or tire you out with annoying conversation.


This is My Dog Hair Shirt – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel

Every dog person needs a shirt just for those special bonding moments with their canine furbabies. If you’ve got dogs, you’ve got hair, and it’s flying all over your clothes. Dog hair laughs at lint brushes and makes vacuum cleaners cry.

So whenever you’re hanging with your frisky pets, pop on this stylish tee that will turn dog hair into a fashion statement. You aren’t a messy dog owner, you’re a person on the edge of canine fashion. This t-shirt is the perfect gift for yourself or any crazy dog person.


Keep Calm And Hug A Dog – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel

For some of us, it’s not a calm-inducing crown that reminds us to take a deep breath. It’s a peace-inducing paw. When life gets to be too much, you know you can always find comfort in a big old dog hug.

A dog won’t laugh at you or tell you to get over it. If you’re a dog lover you also know that if more people found a canine buddy to wrap their arms around, they’d find things getting better pretty quickly.

Wear this tee to remind everyone that the only help they need is at the end of a leash.


My Dog Is My Valentine – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel

On Valentine’s Day, make sure to spend time with the one you love: your dog. Why waste time trying to have a meaningful dinner with a human?

You’ll be forced to make inane conversation and they might try to interrupt your book-reading or Netflix binge watching. Humans. They’re such drama queens. Your dog, on the other hand, will demand nothing from you but petting and food. Yeah, the dog wins. This tee display a faithful dog and heart graphic.


Only A Biker Knows Why A Dog Hangs Out The Car Window – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel

We’ve all seen it a time or two. A dog hanging its head out the car window with a look of pure ecstasy on its face. There is no better place for a dog to enjoy its time than with the wind blowing straight into its face, ears flapping, the world flying by. Bikers get it. They know exactly why a dog loves it so much.


I Don’t Care Who Dies in a Movie, as Long As The Dog Lives – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel

You know those movies that play with your emotions? Those movies that introduce you to a wonderful person and their dog and then suddenly they are taken away from you by a tragic accident? Who do you feel the pain of loss for more? The human? Or the dog? If you don’t care who dies in the movie, just as long as the dog lives, no shame! Show off your love for dogs with this great design!


I Work Hard So My Dog Can Have a Better Life – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel

We all need a purpose in life, and a reason to get up in the morning. Some people have families that depend on them, others have a personal ambition that drives them. For you, it’s a playful and faithful dog who gets your heart pitter-patting and your feet tapping out the door.

You don’t mind your job because it means your best canine friend will never want for anything. That dog food doesn’t grow on trees, so the only way to keep food in the dog bowl is to get out there and work for it. Wear this dog lover inspired t-shirt and hoodie and remember what you’re fighting for! That funny and special furry friend is counting on you!


If I Can’t Take My Dog, I’m Not Going – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel

Oh, I can’t take my dog? Then I’m not going. Are you a proud dog owner who treasures the company of their furry friend everywhere they go? Now you can share your priorities with the rest of the world with this witty t-shirt!


All You Need Is Love And A Dog – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel

Let’s be honest, love is a massively important need. But having a dog as your furry friend and security guard is a close second! If your dog is the air you breathe, this t-shirt is just for you! This shirt says it plain and simple.

The two most important things in life are, of course, LOVE. And, of course, your dog! Show some love for being a dog lover and show the world what really matters with this simple and classic t-shirt!


Don’t Hate Me Because My Dog Is A Royal Favorite – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel


Don’t Hate Me Because My Dog Is Cuter Than Yours – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel


Life Is Too Short To Only Rescue One Dog – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel


I Wonder What My Dog Named Me – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel


Dog Love – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel


I’m Just a Happier Person When I’m Playing With My Dog – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel


I Just Want To Hang With My Dog – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel


Wake Up. Hug a Dog. Have a Good Day – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel


Can I Pet Your Dog? – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel


Life Is Better With Dogs – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel


I Am Here To Pet All The Dogs – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel


I Let The Dogs Out – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel


Don’t Judge My Dogs and I Won’t Judge Your Kids – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel


You Know What I Like About People? Their Dogs. – $19.99

from: I Love Apparel

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