Looking For Cheap Simply Southern Shirts Online

Looking For Cheap Simply Southern Shirts Online

So you are looking for some cheap Simply Southern shirts. There are a few things to consider when you are looking for the best price out there for Simply Southern t-shirts. The first thing you should be careful about is fake Simply Southern shirts. They are out there so be on the look out for them. The fakes are very poor quality and you will be disappointed if you purchase one.

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Other Things To Consider Besides Price

We all want to get a good price on anything we buy. Why pay more when you don’t have to. But as the old saying goes, you pay for what you get. And the same is true with purchasing any t-shirts. The lower the price of the t-shirt, the poorer the quality gets.

Make Sure You Get An Authentic Shirt

The Simply Southern brand has become one of the top southern t-shirt brands out there today. Over the last couple of years, they have taken steps to protect their brand. Some of these steps are to help eliminate the counterfeit issue with Simply Southern fake t-shirts out there.

Another step they have taken is a price control on their products that stores must abide by. Because of this a store that is a authorized dealer of Simply Southern can not sell their products below a certain price.

So if you are looking for a new authentic Simply Southern t-shirt from an authorized dealer, you will not find them below a certain price. So don’t be taken by a store selling a brand new Simply Southern t-shirt for under $15. Unless it is a closeout special of a retired t-shirt design. That Simply Southern t-shirt that is selling for $5 could be a fake.

Check What The Shipping Cost Is

Another thing to consider is the shipping cost. Today shipping cost has gone up. So where you can save money is finding stores that offer free shipping. Many stores that sell Simply Southern offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more. But sometimes you can find stores having a special on free shipping on all orders. If you can find these specials you can usually save around $5 to $7 for the shipping cost on one t-shirt.

Cost For Returning Or Exchanging A Shirt

Another thing to consider is customer service of the company that you are buying from. If you need to return the t-shirt for an exchange, you need to find out what their return policy is and who pays for shipping both ways. Exchanging a t-shirt for a different size can get expensive if you have to pay for return shipping.

Also check and see if you can return the t-shirt for a refund and how long you have to return the t-shirt. Returning and exchanging a t-shirt can add more cost of the t-shirt, so check and see what the return policy is for that store.

How Fast Do You Need Your Shirt

The last thing to consider is how fast you will receive the Simply Southern t-shirts. Some stores that offer free shipping on all orders or offer a discounted price on your t-shirts, may use the slowest way to ship and may take a few days just to pack and ship your order.  So if you need you shirts fast, going to cheap way may not be the best option.

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Best Place To Find Cheap Simply Southern Shirts

One of the best places to look for cheap Simply Southern shirts is on E-bay. Most of the Simply Southern t-shirts that are listed on E-bay are from regular people who are trying to sell their t-shirt. There are some Simply Southern t-shirt listings from Simply Southern dealers, but for what I have been told, authorized Simply Southern dealers are not allowed to sell on E-bay or Amazon. So you might find some store dealers or you might now.

But most of the Simply Southern t-shirts are from people who are trying to sell there t-shirt. Make sure you check to see if the t-shirt is still brand new or has been used. The price range for these shirts on E-bay can range anywhere from a $3 to $20. It really just depends on who is selling it and if it is new or used.

Be sure to check on what the seller is asking for shipping cost. Sometimes the seller may sell the t-shirt very cheap, but will then hit you with a high shipping cost.

They last think to consider is whether the E-bay seller will accept returns for refund. Some will and some won’t. So make sure you check that out before you buy. You will not be saving money, if you get the t-shirt and you are unable to wear it.

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Online Stores That Have The Best Price For Simply Southern Shirts

There are many online store that sell Simply Southern t-shirts. The price can range anywhere from $16 to $25 depending on many different factors. I have written a blog post about Where To Buy Simply Southern Shirts Online. This blog post goes into detail about the many different online stores that sell Simply Southern shirts. It also gives you a detail list about that stores price, shipping, and other factors that can help you find the perfect store to buy from.

As I mention before, make sure you consider all things besides just the price on the t-shirt. Getting free shipping on a purchase of one t-shirt can be a big savings.

Closeouts & Sales For Simply Southern shirts

Another thing to consider if you are looking for cheap Simply Southern shirts, is to find stores that are having closeouts sales. Whenever Simply Southern retires a certain design t-shirt, many of the stores will mark down the price to get rid of the stock they have left in that t-shirt.

Each store is different, some stores have closeout sales all of the time and some stores never have any closeouts sales. Check out this blog post about Where To Buy Simply Southern Shirts Online. In this post I mention stores that usually have closeout sales. One of the stores that I mention in the post is Girls Round Here. That store has a sales page on their website all of the time. 

Another thing to look for is coupon codes that stores will give out. Many of the stores will send you a 10% off coupon code if you sign up for their newsletter. One of the stores that does this is Glik’s Online store. Just sign up for their newsletter and they will e-mail you a 10% off coupon code.

Be Careful About Fake Simply Southern Shirts

As I mentioned before, make sure and be on the look out for fake Simply Southern shirts. You will usually find fakes on E-Bay and Amazon. Both of these sites you can find some good deals on but you can also find fakes on both of these sites. So just be on the look out. Usually you can look at the sellers feedback and see if they sell fakes or not.

Even though the fake t-shirts have a very cheap price, the quality of the fabric and the screen printing is very poor. Many of these fake t-shirts do not screen print the design. They use a heat transfer which will not last long. The fabric of the t-shirt is also cheap. 

Another thing with the fake t-shirts is the design itself. The detail of the graphics is blurry and off centered. Also, the sizing of the t-shirt is not correct. 

These fakes are not worth a penny, so don’t get them. Make sure you get a authentic Simply Southern shirt.

Make Your Purchase Easy & Cheap

I hope this post has helped you in finding cheap Simply Southern shirts. When deciding where to purchase your next Simply Southern t-shirt make sure you purchase from a seller who will give you great customer service. Also be on the look out for free shipping and sales.

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