Looking For Simply Southern Jackets & Sherpa Pullover - New For 2020

Looking For Simply Southern Jackets & Sherpa Pullover - New For 2020

Simply Southern has become one of the top southern t-shirt brands. They make some of the best cute pretty design t-shirts. But Simply Southern makes more than just t-shirts, they have also many other great clothing items and accessories to go along with the awesome t-shirts. Their clothing line has expanded into many different items including Simply Southern Jackets & Sherpa Pullover.

In this post, I will discuss the upcoming new Sherpa and jackets for 2020 from Simply Southern. Last year Simply Southern had a great line of Sherpas from pullovers and vest. In the bottom of this post, you can see what was available from 2018. This year, 2020, should bring the same top quality and design as last year. Keep reading to get more info about what may be in store for this year.

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Simply Southern Sherpa For 2020

Below is the current selection of Simply Southern Sherpa for 2020. They have different types available for this year. From quarter zip, pullovers, quilted, reversible vest, and much more. For more info on any product, just click on the picture or click the Shop Now buttons.

Simply Southern Quarter Zip Dot & Ripple Sherpa Pullover

Take a look below are the quarter zip Simply Southern Sherpas with a dot & ripple pattern. These quarter zip pullover Sherpas are soft and very warm and comfortable. They come is two different patterns from a bubble dot design and a ripple design. You will just love these. They come in four different colors from Maroon, Grey, Stone, and Mustard. Take a look at the four different colors and designs below. For more info or how to purchase these, just Click Here or click the Shop Now button below. You can also just click the image of the Sherpa for more information.

Simply Southern Quilted Sherpa Quarter Snap Pullover

Here are some unique Sherpa from Simply Southern. These are a quilted Sherpa with a snap top opening. The snaps go about half way down the pullover. These new Sherpa pullovers come in two different designs. One design is a red plaid pattern. The other design is a Alpine pattern. You will love these new unique pullover sherpas from Simply Southern. For more info on these Sherpas just click the Shop Now button or the images below.

Simply Southern Reversible Sherpa Vest

If you are looking for a vest in a Sherpa from Simply Southern, then check on these Simply Southern Sherpa Vest. These vest are unique because they are reversible. One side is a Sherpa and the other side is a quilted lined. These are a full zip vest. They come in different colors and they have different colors on both sides of the vest. Here are the colors available: Pink/Black, Teal Blue/Grey, Maroon/Black, Mustard/Grey. Below are some of the color patterns for these Simply Southern Sherpa Vest. If you would more information about these vest and how to purchase them, just click the Shop Now button below or any of the images below of these vest.

Simply Southern Quarter Zip Sherpa Pullover

Here is another quarter zipper Sherpa pullover from Simply Southern. This Sherpa is a solid color pattern. You will also notice this Sherpa has front hand pockets. Below are two colors available in this pullover Sherpa from mustard and grey. These new quarter zip Sherpas will keep you warm for 2020 fall and winter. To get more info about this Simply Southern pullover sherpa, just click the Shop Now button below or the images below.

Simply Southern Block Sherpa Pullover

Here another unique pullover Sherpa from Simply Southern. This sherpa is a two tone pullover. The front top and collar has one color and the rest of the sherpa pullover has another color. This Simply Southern two tone pullover sherpa will keep your warm and stylish during the fall and winters months of 2020. Check out the two styles below. For more info, just click the Shop Now button below.

Simply Southern Simply Soft Sherpa Pullover With Pocket Design


Check out this soft sherpa pullover from Simply Southern. This sherpa features a front chest pocket design. It also comes with two front hand pockets. Part of the collar and pockets have a plaid pattern to them. You will love this soft and warm pullover sherpa from Simply Southern. To check out this and all of the other Simply Southern pullover Sherpas, just click the Shop Now button below.

Simply Southern Jackets

In the past Simply Southern has not made available a true type of jacket. They have made different types of pullovers, hoodies, sweatshirts, full zip up Sherpa, and other clothing. 

Check back here and we will list and jackets that Simply Southern will come out with for the fall and winter of 2020.