Simply Southern Logo Jack Turtle Shirt - Ocean Lives - Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Simply Southern Logo Jack Turtle Shirt - Ocean Lives - Long Sleeve T-Shirt

If you are looking for a cute and preppy long sleeve t-shirt, then you are just going to love this new shirt from Simply Southern. It is from the Save The Turtles line of t-shirts. The color of the tee is marine blue. The back of the shirt has an image of a turtle dressed up in a preppy style outfit with a bow tie. Check out the images below for the front and back of this Simply Southern Logo Jack Turtle Shirt.

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Save The Turtle New Logo Jack T-Shirt

This is one of the preppiest looking shirts from Simply Southern. With the image of a dressed up turtle in preppy clothing on the back of the tee, it will sure and catch everyone eye. Everyone will take noticed of the uniqueness of this t-shirt.

The t-shirt is from Simply Southern “Save The Turtles” line of t-shirts. Simply Southern came out with the line of t-shirt back in January of 2018. Simply Southern will donate a portion of the sale to help with the preservation of turtles.

If you know someone who loves turtles, this will be a perfect t-shirt for them. Get this t-shirt as a special gift or maybe as a Christmas gift. Currently it is only available in long sleeve in size adult small through adult 2X.

This Shirt Available In Youth Sizes

You can also get this Simply Southern shirt in a youth sizes. It come in youth size small, medium, and large. Check out the youth images below.

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